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Building Better Solutions For Construction Technology.

For Field Employees

Tired of searching through all that paper in your truck?
Want to receive an instant answer to your questions in the field?
Interested in making your job easier?

For Owners

Tired of information being submitted in different formats?
Does your risk increase due to lack of transparency?
Would you like a single place to view all your projects information?

For Construction Managers

Tired of chasing people for deliverables?
Want to eliminate all the redundant data entry?
Need accurate, up to the minute, information?

For Contractors

Are all your projects on track?
Only a few key admins managing the list of open issues?
Is a slow review and approval process slowing down your team?

What is FACS?

Field Automated Communication Systems (FACS) is an industry leader in cloud-based construction management software.  We offer an array of project management solutions helping construction project owners, project managers, field employees and contractors eliminate the constant delay in information and redundant work endured while using outdated field, cost and document management systems. FACS understands that every organization has a different workflow and we focus on learning how our clients operate to ensure we provide them with a cloud-based solution that satisfies all of their needs.

What’s In It For You…

Field Teams

Field Teams

Stop spending half your day pushing paper. Use a construction software tool that allows you to complete your job quicker and easier.



Confidence looks good on you. Always make the right decisions when you have the right information.



Tired of the endless piles of paper and requests? Equip your team with a user-friendly tool to facilitate faster and easier information sharing.



Tasked with running a lean, mean organization. Arm yourself with a tool that allows you to reduce costs and secure timely payments.

Our Clients


The FACS system gives us the ability to receive, transmit, review, and return documents without needing a single piece of paper has expedited our turnaround time and kept multiple geographically distant project team members involved. Our pipe inspection team in Phoenix can log in to view contract documents, updated pipe lay drawings, and RFI responses without the need for additional large emails and document routing procedures. The Contractor on our newest project commented this morning on the ease of doing business electronically and how fast our responses have been.

Brent Fountain, San Diego County Water Authority

The overall experience with Project Controller was a success on the I-15 NOW project. It featured elements that allowed the document control process to flow seamlessly on a large multi-million dollar highway project. WCC was fortunate enough to utilize this tool with the Owner and Independent Quality firm to quickly track and approve documents, submit plan sheets for review and comment, and track corresponding events that happened out in the field.

Harley P., Granite Construction Company

FACS allows our project team to eliminate a good deal of paperwork and work more efficiently, communications between the field and the office happen in real-time ensuring everyone is updated on the latest issues and changes as they happen.

Manuel Silva, New York State Dept of Transportation