10 Ways to Make the Work Week Healthier

  • October 24, 2016


Make your lunches at home. Ditch the take out window and the fatty fast food. Sunday night turn on the game, fire up your BBQ, turn up the slow cooker or warm up the oven and whip up some delicious meals for the week. It’ll save you money and keep those extra inches off your waist line. Check out the tasty sample lunches here.


Coffee may be necessary to start your day but ensure that you’re knocking back plenty of water to keep hydrated – especially if you’re outside.


Walking at lunch is a great idea as you’re not only burning calories but you’re de-stressing your day.


Don’t skip breakfast! The morning routine of just coffee isn’t kick starting your metabolism. Just like your truck it preforms best when fueled up! Grab a piece of fruit, bagel or event a doughnut on the way into the office and you’re all set.


Skip the office snacks. The cookies your coworker brought in, that candy dish on the reception desk, the leftover birthday cake – they all look delicious and add on extra calories and inches. Take a pass on the office sweets and you’ll be feeling healthier in no time.


Stress is just as bad as junk food. Take an hour this Friday and organize that messy desk. Keeping your desk and office clean helps keep you focused and more relaxed.


Eye strain. Now that we’ve got you away from all that messy paper let’s make sure the computer doesn’t add complications. Make sure you’re sitting about an arm’s length away from your monitor and can easily ready the font on the screen without squinting. This keeps eye strain low and your energy high.


Use disinfectant especially as we enter cold and flu season. Our friends over at the CDC  remind us that “The flu virus can “live” on some surfaces for up to 24 hours” so wipe down the desk, including the phone, mouse and keyboard, with a disinfectant to stay healthy.


Vacations! Maybe not exactly what your boss wants to hear but working long hours week after week without a break will lead to burnout. You need to recharge so make sure to schedule a few days off before you wipe yourself out.


Use software to help organize your life (pretty obvious we’d tie this to us somehow right?). Seriously, using a tool like FACS helps keep all the details of your project in one easy to find place helping to eliminate all those nagging reminders you scribble down. Take a load off and let FACS do the heavy lifting.

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