Interested in improving productivity?
Want to take advantage of mobile devices?
Are you ready to eliminate tedious project tasks?


Utilize tablets or smartphones to view project information while out in the field. Create, submit, review and approve field reports, design changes, RFIs, issues and much more while on the site. Many systems work in the office but leave you stranded while out in the field where access to information is critical. Don’t miss key documents while on the job site – FACS construction management software mobile apps and email based notifications ensure you always stay connected.

Clear Pricing

Don’t pay for more than you need. Don’t be fooled by magically created annual agreements, assume your software should cost a percent of your budget or be misled with hidden fees. Even many ‘local install’ based firms never share the true dollar and time cost your internal IT team is going to spend just to bring their product online. Why do these guys always make pricing so complicated?

FACS offers simple pricing that matches how you do business today. You choose if you’d like to pay per unit or as a lump sum. Our ‘per unit’ pricing is variable on the number of active users. As your projects ramp down so does your cost. This option runs month to month with no annual commitment required. Perfect for organizations that run only a few jobs a year and want to manage their user levels monthly.

With our ‘lump sum’ pricing FACS creates an annual access agreement built off clearly measurable factors for an unlimited number of users. Perfect for organizations that want a guaranteed number for their budget and do not want to hassle with managing users.

Under both options FACS allows you to invite other firms to access your information through shared access agreements. This allows you to control who can view and edit your information AND allows you to have other firms pay for their users directly. This is perfect for contractors who don’t want to wait to be reimbursed, CMs who want to keep their costs down or Owners who want to pay through their project budgets.

As always there is no charge for new releases or feature enhancements ensuring you always have access to the latest tools our development team creates.

Instant Archive

Once the construction project is over, the tedious task of gathering all the project paperwork begins. Sometimes this process can last as long as the project itself! Printing emails, scanning documents, organizing photos – just think of all the time wasted pushing paper into boxes for delivery to the project stakeholders or stored in your ever growing records room.

Allow FACS to help you eliminate the pain of archiving a project! With a few clicks you can select which types of files will be included in your archive and FACS will deliver a project archive full of text-selectable pdfs (perfect for search), complete with all project entries, emails and even uploaded files. Easily store this digital archive on a local drive or email it to the project stakeholders. Complete with detailed summary reports and automatically generated log pages, archiving your project is about to be the easiest thing you do all day.

Fully Searchable

Eliminate delays looking for information. All documents in FACS, including uploaded attachments, are fully searchable. With an easy to use search module that includes a preview panel, finding project documents has never been easier.

Easy Integration

With all the construction management software out there today you need to ensure the tools you use can talk to each other. FACS has multiple integration ports that allow for quick and easy integration with common Scheduling and Financial systems. FACS also provides a complete API so that your IT department can download all your data anytime you want – it’s your data and we ensure you always have access to it.


FACS has been providing construction management software for over a decade. Our solutions are designed to be configurable to meet your needs.  Sometimes a client presents a specific problem they want the software to solve and at FACS we are happy to customize the tool to meet any need your team has. Software customizations can range from specific forms and printing layout to sharing data with other proprietary internal systems. We work closely with our clients to identify the goals for the organization and develop a customization plan that will enhance the user experience for your team.


The FACS system gives us the ability to receive, transmit, review, and return documents without needing a single piece of paper has expedited our turnaround time and kept multiple geographically distant project team members involved. Our pipe inspection team in Phoenix can log in to view contract documents, updated pipe lay drawings, and RFI responses without the need for additional large emails and document routing procedures. The Contractor on our newest project commented this morning on the ease of doing business electronically and how fast our responses have been.

Brent Fountain, San Diego County Water Authority

The overall experience with Project Controller was a success on the I-15 NOW project. It featured elements that allowed the document control process to flow seamlessly on a large multi-million dollar highway project. WCC was fortunate enough to utilize this tool with the Owner and Independent Quality firm to quickly track and approve documents, submit plan sheets for review and comment, and track corresponding events that happened out in the field.

Harley P., Granite Construction Company

FACS allows our project team to eliminate a good deal of paperwork and work more efficiently, communications between the field and the office happen in real-time ensuring everyone is updated on the latest issues and changes as they happen.

Manuel Silva, New York State Dept of Transportation