UDOT – Mountain View Corridor Project


Implement a powerful construction management software tool to help manage a large scale project and provide the project team the ability to streamline field reporting, automate the approval process and have the ability to quickly search through all project documents.


FACS Project Controller

Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT)

The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is responsible for over 6,000 miles of highways across the state, an investment worth tens of billions of dollars. Their responsibility includes keeping bridges and pavement in good condition, adding capacity, implementing innovate lane use and intersections, signal coordination, providing traffic information, decreasing traffic fatalities and snow removal. All of these efforts help Utah’s economic growth and prosperity.  UDOT’s mission is to preserve infrastructure, optimize mobility, improve safety and strengthen the economy.

The Mountain View Corridor (MVC) is a planned freeway in western Salt Lake County and northwestern Utah County, servicing 13 municipalities.  The Mountain View Corridor Project will have phased implementation to address short-term regional transportation needs while providing a long-term solution for the future. The Mountain View Corridor will eventually be a 35-mile freeway from I-80 in Salt Lake to Lehi Main Street.

To manage a project the size of the Mountain View Corridor Project, UDOT looked to implement a much more powerful and robust tool than its current in-house system. UDOT selected FACS’ Project Controller, a cloud-based construction management software.

“Using the work reports feature made managing items easy; with over 600 items on this job the FACS solution gave us the ability to pick certain items on certain dates definitely saving time.”

– Bryan T., UDOT

Project Controller’s search feature allows users to scan through the entire system using keywords or specific dates to quickly and easily track down the document they are looking for. With the thousands of pages of project documentation, reports and remarks UDOT was able to quickly find when an activity occurred by activity ID, date or keyword. Before the implementation of Project Controller, UDOT would have the time consuming task of manually searching through thousands of documents  stored within hundrends of boxes.

“The approval process was a feature that our old system did not have.  Anyone could go in and put in a pay quantity. A Supervisor did not have to approve before it was in pay quantities. Items would end up getting double measured or skipped.”

– Josh V., Regional Level Project Manager, UDOT

UDOT’s implementation of FACS Project Controller on the Mountain View Corridor project, gave them the ability to manage a larger scale project by successfully streamlining field reporting, automating approval processes and having the ability to search through thousands of documents.

“Using the FACS search capability we were able to find and track what we need through huge amounts of data. Linking pay activities to schedule activity IDs and inspector comments to activity IDs combined with key word search ability are the two best features of FACS in my book.”

– Josh V., Regional Level Project Manager, UDOT