City of Fort Worth Selects FACS Mobile Construction Project Management Solutions for Multi-million Dollar Streetscape Improvement Project

  • November 28, 2010

Field Automated Communication Systems, LLC (FACS) today announced that The City of Fort Worth’s Transportation and Public Works Department has selected and will begin using FACS Solutions for a multi-million dollar streetscape improvement project starting November, 2010.

The City of Fort Worth Transportation and Public Works Department, driven by its strategic commitment to improve productivity and quality while also managing budget constraints, selected FACS Solutions to eliminate paper-based delays and to increase the collaboration of project teams both in the field and the home office.

“Our inspectors will use FACS (Solutions) to record quantities, material usage, markup documents, and also create and track correspondence,” says Andy Anderson, City of Fort Worth Assistant Transportation and Public Works Director. “With one comprehensive system keeping track of all work activities and materials we expect to save considerable time and money by minimizing mistakes and delays which can happen with paper-based methods.”

FACS is working with the City of Fort Worth’s Transportation and Public Works Department to roll out its highly collaborative system, FACS Project Controller™, to standardize and automate project management tasks. Additionally, Field Inspectors will be equipped with FACS Anywhere™ – ruggedized tablet PCs that feature an offline mode to allow inspectors to work uninterrupted even when no internet connection is available.

“The Web-based project management controls of the FACS Solution create efficiencies and savings by providing real-time project information to all project team members,” said Daryn Reif, CEO of Field Automated Communication Systems. “We’re excited to be working with the City of Fort Worth to implement the FACS Solution, and to help them achieve their goals.”

About Field Automated Communication Systems
Field Automated Communication Systems, LLC (FACS) is the leading provider of mobile construction project management solutions for the AEC industry. The company specializes in leveraging the latest advances in wireless technology to provide practical, user friendly solutions for industry professionals who aim to deliver construction projects on time and within budget.

FACS Project Controller is truly mobile construction project management software specifically designed to improve project delivery by enabling electronic field-to-office collaboration, communication and project management. FACS Project Controller is a cost effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed specifically to eliminate paper-based delays and increase collaboration of project teams in the field and office – two of the biggest contributors to cost overruns and project delays.

FACS Project Inspector is the easy-to-use, cloud-based solution that automates field reporting and inspections. Empower your team to RECORD inspection results, work progress and resource utilization in the field, REFERENCE an archive of the latest drawings and correspondence, and REPORT work reports, completed forms and progress updates.

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