FACS Builder – Creating Custom Software

  • September 5, 2016


FACS Builder is a development service which provides our customers the ability to build and maintain custom software. Starting with one of FACS’ comprehensive software products, FACS Builder gives you access to your very own development team. At FACS, we understand that your team and workflows are unique and your software should be, too.

Traditionally, custom development has been an expensive, long and complicated process. At FACS, our agile based scrum process combined with our unique architectural style allows for custom development to be completed at a much lower cost and shorter time frame than traditional development. Your team is guided through each step of the process by a dedicated Project Manager who oversees all aspects of the project, keeps you and your team updated with weekly status reports and ensures that the development meets your business needs.

FACS Builder supports your team through the following development process:

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After we deliver, we’ll keep things running smoothly so you can focus on your business. We’ll setup a production environment for your applications and oversee security, server updates, performance monitoring, nightly backups and the regular maintenance of features and changes.


FACS Builder has created a large variety of customizations from new modules to modifying changes on existing reports. The time it takes to go from the first requirement meeting to deploying a finished product varies based on the project’s scope. Smaller projects can be completed in a few days where as larger projects can take a few weeks or months. FACS Project Managers work closely with our customers to ensure that our development schedule meets our clients’ timelines.


All custom development projects are fully scoped and a detailed time and cost estimate is provided before development begins. Any budgeted hours that are not used are not charged to the project. All custom developments are available on any projects within the customer’s Portal. As many of our clients utilize project or administrative budgets, it is often beneficial to allocate an estimated budget based on the anticipated work.

Contact us today to talk about what customizations you may want to include in your version.

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