What happens if I have questions?
How is the software set-up?
Is training provided?

Customer Support

We work hard to ensure your entire team is onboard with using the tools you select. Our proven onboarding process for new customers ensures that we understand how you manage your construction projects. Our focus is to solve problems and answer questions before you even have to ask.

If a question, issue or concern does occur we’re immediately available to jump on a call and work to resolve the situation. Our comprehensive support experience includes access to our knowledge base accessible from every screen within the system, frequently asked questions to help resolve the common inquiries, and an extensive video tutorial section designed to demonstrate how to use the system.

FACS employees provide support – not some reseller or call center. When you contact us, you’ll be talking with one of our local experts.


The primary goal of implementation is to arm your construction project management team quickly with the knowledge and tools to maximize the power of FACS. For more than 10 years, FACS has been guiding project personnel to set their project configurations, define their workflow and determine how FACS will best fit in your organization. Whether you’re a billion dollar firm or a one-man inspection service, your dedicated FACS Implementation Guide can help get you off the ground efficiently and effectively.


Your Implementation Guide will organize and moderate a review session with your key personnel to identify internal processes and help you define how best to utilize FACS. By understanding your business and your expectations, a plan is created to integrate FACS into your current processes, improving areas of inefficiency without disrupting what is working well.

With this plan in place, a Training Package can be designed and scheduled to roll out to your project management team. Using advanced screen-sharing tools, or in-person when needed, specific training sessions are held with your team to introduce and teach your team how to use FACS as a part of their day. Most sessions take 4-6 hours of meeting time to deliver detailed and specific usage plans based on your expectations and goals.

Dedicated Contact

Your FACS Account Management team is available to you from the sale, through implementation and on a daily basis going forward. Questions may arise as you and your team utilize the software and FACS is available when and where you need it. Whether by email or phone, the same team that helped you to get started is still with you at every step of the project management process. Your fully US-based Account Management team has the experience in training, support and most importantly, your team and workflow.

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