How to Become More Technologically Proficient

  • January 25, 2016

One of the biggest challenges in this technology-filled world is that everything changes so quickly. You may have just learned how to use a certain mobile phone, and then another comes out with features that are foreign to you! We understand. New technology can be a bit intimidating, but we believe that is why you should be constantly becoming more technologically proficient. Check out these tips for becoming more proficient.

Where to learn

You can learn more about technology from virtually anywhere, but taking the time to do so can be difficult. We suggest these few resources as possibilities. They offer unique learning experiences and will allow you to learn quickly.

  1. Youtube – Don’t know how to use your iPad? Search “Learning to use my iPad better” on Youtube. Tons of information will pop-up, and you can watch a few videos to better learn your system. (Pro Tip – The more views on the video, the more helpful it will be.)
  2. Google – Google is obvious, but is sometimes overlooked. Don’t know how to reboot your device properly? Search for it! Google consistently becomes better each year and brings you the best search results possible. Keep a lookout for a blog post coming soon that will teach you how to better search the internet through Google.
  3. Company Support – Don’t know how to use your printer? Call the company. You purchased the product and have a right to understand it. The operators explain things for a living and will likely be able to walk you through how to fix or adjust anything you need! (Pro Tip – Use “GetHuman” to find the best phone number to call to get quick service.)
  4. Online Course Websites – Really looking to dig deep? You can check out a few course websites that will offer low-cost options for learning. Educating yourself is always a positive thing, and these websites offer a full gamut of options. (Sites to check out: Coursera, Udemy, Udacity.)
  5. Blogs – Blogs can offer a wealth of knowledge! What are they best for? Learning what software to use, learning what is new in your industry, and learning tips and tricks. (Blogs to check out – Capterra, TechCrunch, Constructech.)
  6. FACS Blog – We offer technology information and knowledge on our blog here as well. Our ultimate goal is to provide excellent construction management software that will help you run your job site better. But we also want to be consistently advancing your tech knowledge as well as helping you to understand how useful technology tools can be!

How to learn

Learning can be as simple as choosing one of the above options, but choosing the option and watching for a quick fix is different from learning. When it comes to learning technology, the best way is to engage in the how-to and figure out how to remember the content. You can do a quick fix and forget what you did immediately after, or you can learn what you did and help others and yourself in the future! The best way to do this is to figure out your learning style. Do you learn best by hearing, writing, or doing? Then choose one of those and implement it into your action. If you are watching a Youtube video, but learn best by writing, pause the video every so often and write down the steps you are seeing. This will help you imprint the steps and concepts on your brain, and you’ll learn instead of forgetting!

Why you should learn

Obviously, learning is something we as individuals should always be doing. It stretches our minds and opens up doors. We believe that learning in this technology-centric age is not only important but also necessary. The software we offer here at FACS does involve some learning, but the time it takes to learn is well worth it. The value added to your life in becoming more technologically proficient is a value you won’t want to miss.

It doesn’t happen in a day, but over time, if you take these steps, you will start to learn. We at FACS believe that embracing technology and using it well is important. That is why we offer free demos of our software and full support. We want you to be fully aware of what our software does, and we want to fully train you on how to use it well. It’s not scary or frustrating. It’s exciting!

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