Project Recorder

Deliver critical project insight. FACS gives Field Personnel the tools they need to become project heroes.

Easily Record Project Data

Eliminate the delay in sharing information between the field and office. FACS Project Recorder is designed to support clients of all sizes looking to improve the quality of their field work. Our construction management software solution is designed to be easy-to-use allowing users to record construction data against drop down lists ensuring standard information is recorded and redundant data entry is a thing of the past.

Data When You Need It

Why struggle tracking down paper copies of Inspectors or Engineer reports? Still working off a spreadsheet based Punch List that’s only up to date during the weekly meeting? Information is the lifeblood of all projects – access your information in real time when you need it. With built in notifications, you can be alerted the instant an item is in your court or opt for the daily/weekly summary notifications and receive a summary of the work being done on your project. With up to date logs and full audit tracking you’ll always know where your data is.

Store All Project Data

What to do with all those plan sheets? FACS has a dedicated Drawing module that tracks all versions of plan sheets and has an integrated review and approval process to ensure the whole team is working off the right set. Want to attach photos, videos or reference forms to your reports? Not a problem! FACS comes with a built in file cabinet so there’s no need to connect with some third party’s system. Each file loaded is instantly scanned and available in the system search – no more losing files in folders.

Project Recorder Features

  • Daily Work Recording
  • Item/Activity Tracking
  • Labor/Equipment Tracking
  • Issues/Punch Lists/Non Conformance
  • Photos/File Storage
  • Form Management
  • Plan & Markup Management
  • Digital Project Archive
  • Daily Engineering Recording


Clients Who Use Project Project Recorder


The approval process was a feature that our old system did not have. Anyone could go in and put in a pay quantity. A Supervisor did not have to approve before it was in pay quantities. Items would end up getting double measured or skipped.

Josh VanJura, Utah Department of Transportation

Using Project Controller we were able to improve our old way we would do inspection reports with excel spreadsheets. Having all information pre-loaded in the system were able to accurately track all quantities and see what work was completed simply by running daily reports.

Brent Fountain, San Diego County Water Authority

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